About me

I am an artist, scriptwriter, animator and designer. I tell visual stories that bring to life ideas big and small. In my interdisciplinary practice I use a variety of media intertwining them to bring ideas to life in interesting and thought provoking ways. I take time to consider the plot, purpose and format when creating a piece. Through my education and work in narrative animation, fine arts and communication I have come to value the connection with the audience. I want to give them an experience that touches all of their senses.

I specialise in visualising ideas and stories through writing and drawing. I spend a lot of time with the idea and giving it shape before sketching, making storyboards and animatics that bring the idea to life.

I like to collaborate with other artists and take on different roles in creative projects. I believe this is fundamental for artists in our community as it opens up to new perspectives and we should never stop developing our skills and stay curious!






NARRATIVE ANIMATED FILM (180p), Stockholms university of arts - 2016-2019

Film production for young women, Musikfabriken in Uppsala - 2015-2015

Typography, form and graphic tools (15p), Linnéuniversitetet - 2014

Webbdesign (7,5p), Uppsala University - 2014

Graphic design and illustration, Nyckelviksskolan - 2013-2014

Aesthetics A(30p) + B(30p), Uppsala University - 2012-2013

Fine Arts, Munka Folkhögskola - 2011-2012


Assistant, Velourfilm - 2018-

Information officer, Uppstala Student Union - 2015-2016

Workshop in graphic design, ABF Uppsala - 2015-2016

Workshop in Final cut, ABF Stockholm - 2017



Äkta känner Äkta, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby - 2019

Velourfilm, 2018

Non-profit assignment

Image editor and designer, Tidningen Brand - 2014-


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