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I want to act within and at the same time create a widened field for animation. Well, not just animation, but a mealting pot of sculpture, painting, projection and film. All this in connection with an audience, in a spatial, enclosing and/or collective situation. It can be whitin the theater or an experience-based installation. The location is of course very important and my interest extends outside the gallery, the black or white box, and into the public space.

It gets exciting when some unexpected parameters are crossed: space boundness, live and the interaction between audience, actors and pre-created visual or moving content. But, not all parameters have to be crossed at at the same time, of course.

It should really not become too complicated. I want my work to be guided by playfulness, and I always start from both emotion and idea. 

Äkta Känner Äkta (Real Recognize real)  -  Peel  -  The Strip

We are forced to put on stereotypes and protective shells. If we start peeling, Is there a core to be found or are we the sum of all layers and shells?

I did my degree project in collaboration with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby. To the play Äkta Känner Äkta I made both animations projected in the play and based on the theme I expanded it with a two-part installation in the foyer, as away for the story to "spill out" from "the black box.” I wanted to take advantage of the spatial and collective situation and work spatially with animation but also sculpturally with objects and materials.

The playwright is written by Alexander Salzberger and directed by Olof Hansson.

Marie Louise Ekman

Astrid Göransson

Here are some pictures from the process. The different parts and pieces influenced and informed each other alternately. The authencity thematic derived from the play, as did the themes concerning the very place: Vällingby, a suburb in Stockholm as well as the Theather, being in the art and media-world. But only through experiments and looping idéas came the choice of technique and visual motifs.

I would also like to share two references I retrieved from earlier in my practice: the piece of art made by Marie Louise Ekman, that my piece The Strip somehow is a paraphrase of, and the charcoal animations by the artist and my former teacher Astrid Göransson. It is nice to be in good company!


Seven youths have disappeared without trace. Are you the next?

Helicopters are buzzing in the air, and the torches of the battues chase through the woods. In Gömmaren the audience takes on various roles of the adventure as they walk through the performance. The voice in your headphones leads you forward and you become part of the mystery that unravels.

Gömmaren is an interactice audiowalk in an installation or scenography. It's enclosing and the interactions are in large extent controlled and planned for in advance. Since it is mainly for a young adult public it has a clear narrative, but the the complexity of the story is increased by five different story tracks, perspectives, which of you get one. Besides developing the concept and designing the scenography there are projections in the trees made by me and Anna, and the rabbit animation is showed in the hill, through the peep-hole, but only for the curious visitor!

An old friend came visiting in my office

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